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How well are your carriers and brokers servicing your agencies needs? Chandler Insurance Managers Inc.(CIMI) has experienced brokers and underwriters that will help you identify exposures and put together a comprehensive insurance solution that will give you the edge in the current marketplace. Survival in today's marketplace depends on our ability as a team to provide a cost effective way for your clients to manage their risk, therefore positioning themselves to increase revenues, enhance profitability, and strengthen their balance sheets. At Chandler Insurance Managers Inc.(CIMI) we take pride in our wide range of product offerings and expertise in the industry segments we service to put you in a position to accomplish these goals. CIMI's products offerings and solutions include:

Energy is a very exciting industry. Our love of the industry itself and our knowledge and experience give us a competitive edge when helping you place energy related accounts.

Over the last several years, CIMI, Inc. has been developing and strengthening relationships with some of the most aggressive transportation carriers in the industry.

Commercial Trade
We want to write your commercial trade risks! We specialize in commercial artisan contractors, light manufacturing, and distributing type risks.

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