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Chandler Insurance Managers, Inc. (CIMI) was formed as an underwriting manager and wholesaler in 2002 for the purpose of being a stand alone profit center for the Chandler Group of Companies. CIMI’s expertise started in trucking where we were able to provide a platform to further diversify and specialize in that sector and tailor programs for all sizes of trucking risks. With trucking still being a staple for our company we have also rapidly evolved into a GA/Wholesale operation capable of delivering competitive programs for multiple industry segments. CIMI currently has extensive underwriting knowledge in these industry segments stemming from our related company National American Insurance Company (NAICO). With close to 6,000 submissions a year coming into our group of companies, we have developed multiple relationships that allow us to provide our agents with a platform to receive competitive programs on all of their submissions. Our goal is to review each of your submissions and determine the best avenue to deliver a program that you can sell; whether it is underwritten in-house or through one of our partners.

















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