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Chandler Insurance Managers, Inc. (CIMI) was formed as an underwriting manager and wholesaler in 2002 for the purposes of being a standalone profit center for the Chandler Group of Companies. CIMI currently has extensive knowledge in multiple industry segments stemming from our related company, National American Insurance Company (NAICO). With over 6,000 submissions a year coming into our Group of Companies, we have developed multiple market relationships that allow us to provide our agents with a platform to receive competitive programs on all of their submissions. CIMI prides itself on being able to deliver quality products and services to a diverse group of industry segments.

The primary focus of CIMI is to leverage our operational platform and agency relationships that have been developed through 20 years of managing our insurance company operations. Through this concentrated effort CIMI has rapidly evolved into a general agent/wholesale operation offering numerous product specialties, spanning numerous industry segments. Our primary goal through the Chandler Group of Companies is to provide our agents with a one-stop shop for all of the risks that they are actively working.

Headshot Lance LaGere

Lance A. LaGere
President / COO

Headshot Lance LaGere

Malinda K. Laird
Executive Vice President

"... at Chandler Insurance Managers we pride ourselves on our expertise and responsiveness; essentials to making our business and yours a success."











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